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Do you believe in the importance of early childhood education?

 Are you interested in a career in early childhood education? We are interviewing for infant, toddler, twaddler, and preschool teachers who are are committed to our values of excellence and uncompromising care for our students. If you believe that you could positively contribute to our student's learning experiences,

Please email your resume to

Desired Skills
and Experience

Must meet basic requirements of local childcare regulatory agency


Previous teaching or assistant teaching position in a licensed early childhood program preferred


Knowledge of the social, emotional and creative needs of young children


Must be able to lift up to thirty-five pounds in order to carry or lift children for the facilitation of programs, child safety, and potential emergency situations.


Hatchling, Nestlings, and Twaddler teachers, must be able to properly lift students into and out of a crib and onto and off of changing table


Preschool Teachers: Two year degree in early childhood or related field preferred

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