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The Primary Years

Early Childhood

18 to 33 months

At Excelsior Preparatory, we are dedicated to providing young minds with the fundamental tools and steadfast support necessary for holistic development. Our meticulously crafted activities are designed to nurture our students' social emotional, intellectual, and physical growth at every turn. By immersing them in engaging experiences and empowering learning opportunities, we aim to cultivate an environment where children develop cognitive skills that allow them to flourish and reach their full potential.

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2.5 years and older

We have established a specialized Twaddlers classroom to cater to children aged at least two and a half years old and young three-year-olds who have not yet completed potty training. This classroom is meticulously designed to support students during their transition to potty training while also preparing them for our Pre-K3 Program. It is important to note that students must achieve independent potty training before progressing to the Fledglings class. This requirement alignes with our commitment to maintaining high standards of readiness and development. Our programs are thoughtfully crafted to address the differentiated needs of both children and their families, with clearly defined goals and objectives. We prioritize leveraging each child's strengths to foster growth and age appropriate independence. 

Fledglings            Owlettes

3 year olds            4-year-olds

The pre-kindergarten program is designed to prepare children for kindergarten and beyond. With a focus on providing a nurturing and stimulating environment, our young students can develop essential skills and knowledge in preparation for formal schooling. We incorporate a variety of activities and experiences, including play-based learning, social interaction, and early literacy and numeracy instruction.

Prekindergarten aims to create vertical alignment with our upper school, which includes fostering cognitive development, language acquisition, social skills, emotional regulation, and physical development. Participating in a prekindergarten program gives children valuable experiences that help them succeed academically and socially as they transition to Kindergarten.


5 year-olds

In Kindergarten, we embark on a journey of discovery and growth, igniting the spark of curiosity in our young learners and laying the foundation for a lifetime of academic success. We believe in providing an exceptional educational experience rooted in excellence, individualized attention, and holistic development. Our kindergarten curriculum is meticulously crafted to nurture each child's unique talents, passions, and potential.

Through a blend of innovative teaching methods and hands-on learning experiences, we cultivate a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom walls. Our dedicated educators are mentors and partners in your child's educational journey, guiding them with care, patience, and expertise.

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